• Writing gives me time to express myself, it allows me to feel into how I actually want to express myself. Other than speaking where often times words can come out so thoughtlessly, writing gives me time and space to first feel into what I really want to say. I open up to a space where I feel safe, where I can rest into and breathe, where I can allow myself to feel whatever and express whatever comes up.

    I am more patient with myself when I am writing, as I don't feel the pressure of making a “good“ conversation, or of finding the right words in a certain amount of time.

    When I am writing I listen. I listen to something deeper and greater than my thoughts could ever tell me.

  • I listen to my breath and I listen to my heartbeat, I enter a state of peace and calm. A place of just being sometimes. From there I dive into a much greater truth about myself, and thus a greater truth about myself can be revealed. Writing is meditation to me.

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    About Nadine

    Nadine Kuehn
    Nadine Kuehn


    About Nadine

  • Nadine Kühn  - SINGING, Songwriting, Sound Healing, Mommy and Me Classes

    Nadine is a singer, songwriter,  performer, and coach. She uses the vibrational frequency of voice to assist her clients to live their full creative potential. Nadine loves Vegan cooking and is involved with many projects that give back to our planet. She currently lives in Berlin with her two cats surrounded by poetry and paintings. 

  • Photo: Writing by Nadine Kühn
    Nadine Kühn courtesy of Nadine Kühn