Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 4 pm - 6:30 pm

    With Miruna & Radu, musicians, teachers and shamans in the tradition of the Q'ero shamans, the successors of Inca civilization. This body of knowledge, the medicine wheel, the millennia-old wisdom passed on generation by generation, brings together the most recent discoveries in quantum physics, epigenetics, and psychology.

    The medicine wheel is an initiation journey of self-discovery, transformation and healing, which aims at the integrity of the human being. Over the course of a year, in the course of the 4 modules, we learn to heal our relationship with ourselves, our families and the past, to look to the future and create a new destiny from our highest Truth is inspired.

    We look forward to your coming and to the common continuation of this magical journey that is just beginning!

    Click this link for details on the medicine wheel!

    The introduction will be in German and English.

    Best regards,
    Miruna & Radu

  • Date:
    Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 4 pm - 6:30 pm (16:00 - 18:30)

    School Of Voice
    Herbergerweg 14, 14167 Berlin-Zehlendorf

    Registration requested:
    mail to: mirunagy@hotmail.com or call 01577-19 12 761


    The 1st module of the medicine wheel "South" will then take place on the weekend 11.-13. May, 2018.

    Information & Registration

  • “If you want the world to change, change your perspective over the world!” - is one of the keys of shamanic work. When we practice this awareness, a new Sun rises in our hearts illuminating all aspects of life.

    For us this call came 10 years ago: a friend asked us to come to Romania and join the Medicine Wheel. This call changed our lives forever. Thanks to the simple but highly efficient tools of this medicine, we were able to free ourselves from painful limiting beliefs and patterns and to become available for life in the moment, in our art, creating something new – and reaching a new destiny line.

    In the tradition of the Q´ero shamans from the Andes, the inheritants of the Inca, the prophecies are referring to our times as the Time of the Sixth Sun, a time when our human potential as creators is completely fulfilled, shining on every area of life – family, economy and politics, profession and health.

    In union with Nature and Spirit, the shamans have distilled since ancient times practices and techniques of self-transformation called “internal alchemy” that have been handed down to us, people from the Western civilization.

    If you want to learn tools in order to shed the past and stories that you no longer need, to work with your ancestors bringing healing to your biological lineage, to identify the places of conflict and drama in your life and how to step out of them. If you want to spend time in ceremony receiving initiation rites that connect you with Yankay – Power, Munay – Love and Yanchay - Wisdom from this tradition – join us!

    The introduction will be held in English and German, and will consist of an overview of the Medicine Wheel, as well as practices to experience live the energy of this path.

    Miruna and Radu are musicians, teachers and shamans. 10 years ago they have stepped on this path, being instructed and initiated by Chris Waters and the Q´ero shamans in the UK, Romania and Peru. 2012 and 2014 they were in Peru, where they have learned from the source of this wisdom. They are part of the School “Medicina Samanica” in Romania, where they have been teaching the Medicine Wheel for 3 years. They are also offering therapies.


    Erschaffen durch Alberto Villoldo, zusammen mit den Q´ero-Schamanen, die Nachfolger der Inka-Zivilisation, vereint dieser Wissenskörper, das Medizinrad, die jahrtausendealte Weisheit, die Generation für Generation mündlich weiter gegeben wurde, mit den aktuellsten Entdeckungen der Quantenphysik, der Epigenetik und der Psychologie.

    Das Medizinrad ist eine Initiierungsreise der Selbstentdeckung, Transformation und Heilung, welche die Integralität des menschlichen Wesens anvisiert. Im Laufe der 4 Module, welche in der Zeitspanne eines Jahres stattfinden, lernen wir, unsere Beziehung zu uns selbst, zu unseren Familien und der Vergangenheit zu heilen, um in die Zukunft zu schauen und uns ein neues Schicksal zu kreieren, das aus unserer höchsten Wahrheit inspiriert wird.

    Die Einführung wird auf Deutsch und Englisch stattfinden.
    Kosten: 15€

    Das 1.Modul des Medizinrades, Süden, wird an dem Wochenende 11.-13. Mai statt finden.
    Details zum Medizinrad unter: www.thearttobridge.com 

    Anmeldung erbeten unter: mirunagy@hotmail.com; 01577-19 12 761.

    Wir freuen uns auf Euer Kommen und auf die gemeinsame Fortsetzung dieser magischen Reise, die gerade beginnt!
    Herzliche Grüße,
    Miruna & Radu

  • Feature image: Q'ero shamans by Miruna Nagy