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  • Magical Menarche, The First Blood

    Rite of Passage: The Menarche

    • Do you have a special girl in your life, approaching her first period?
    • Do you wish to support her but don't know how?
    • Do you feel unprepared to answer her questions, to provide the most current information available?
    • Do you wish to celebrate this change, but you never experienced firsthand a symbolic honoring of your First Blood - The Menarche?

    This workshop is specially designed for girls (9-13 years old) approaching their Menarche, the first menstruation, and you, her confidante. Mothers, aunts, older sisters, godmothers or any other women who are emotionally committed to supporting their special young lady’s process are welcome.

    Let us discover how you may best honor your girl's rite of passage of becoming a woman through ceremonies and rituals. Let us create a dialogue between you and your precious prepubescent without the awkwardness you experienced in your youth.

    Within the safe space provided, we will explore ideas, language, and expectations around menstruation.

    Your blossoming girl will be encouraged to share her perspective, including any preconceptions of menstruation. She will learn correct terminology, become knowledgeable of her reproductive organs and how her hormones influence her lives on a day-to-day basis. Wise Woman Knowledge will be shared; tips and tricks how she may support herself during the days leading up to and during menstruation.

    Help her step into this exciting time of her life with more confidence, diffuse any perceived shame related to monthly cycle and be prepared with the most accurate information, all while strengthening your bond.

    May the Circle of Women Go on…. 

  • Workshop Leader:
    Laurie Reinke