Salomea Klaus

Osteopath, Natural Medicin | 030 8048 2205
Meet Salomea Klaus. Trained in Acting, Dance and Voice, Salomea Klaus is originally from Switzerland. While studying theater in Berlin she discovered her true calling: To help people heal and return to a place of well-being and balance through touch.
Officially she is a certified health practitioner. In addition, she Osteopathy for five years and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree. Yet she is also a luminary. A woman with a clear vision. She is bringing healing touch to the School of Voice Community. As we know, our body is our instrument. When the body- mind-spirit is in flow and connected great art appears naturally. She is also a specialist for children and children osteopathy and the lucky mother of a five year old boy.
At School Of Voice, Salomea will be giving workshops on Body Work and VOICE.
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