• Sing it. Dance it. Rap it. Snap it.


    Performed by Kara Johnstad. Words and Music Kara Johnstad. Producer and Arranger Fabrizio Pigliucci. Cover Art by Linda Gavin. 

    SHARE IT with all the people of the world who are holding strong in these evolutionary times.

    We are creators not haters. And in these times of division, we dare to take the vital decision to pit grace against greed, give the earth back what she needs, usher in a new world of peace as we unite in our plight.


  • Born without hate we are plugged into a promise that can no longer wait and our bones are talking loud, our blood is singing out our fate and the dove flies high above as we gather at the gate.

    May you have the courage to persevere and stay true to your voice and strongest vision.