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    • Tauche ein in die Kunst des Songwriting

      Lerne effektive Songwriting-Techniken. Tausche dich mit Experten aus. Beschäftige Dich mit Melodien, Rhythmen, Harmonien, Texten und der allerneuesten Technik. Unter der Anleitung von Kara Johnstad, der Gründerin der School Of Voice, erhälst Du Expertenrat und Feedback von erfahrenen Songwriters und Profis der Musikindustrie zu deinem eigenen Material. Und dann, schreib' einfach gute Musik, Tag für Tag. 

    • Geht's mal wieder nicht voran? Warte nicht länger auf die erlösende Inspiration. Beginne damit, wirklich gute Musik zu schreiben, Tag für Tag.

    • Kara Johnstad is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met in my life. A fantastic singer, a brilliant coach. She’s one of a kind.
      Kara is well-experienced in “pearl diving” as I call it: She’s true, authentic, sensitive and kind. You can feel her warmth, her joy, and her wisdom when she walks into the room. She can sense your inner pearl, your true essence,
      and with great care and sensitivity, she will help you uncover it, unfold it. She will pick you up where you are and be your attentive guide on that journey to your true voice and your distinctive signature sound. Not only does Kara understand voice perfectly, she also understands life, and working with you, she will always keep the bigger picture of you in mind.
      Kara Johnstad has helped me voice my essence, voice my message, voice my songs and voice my vision. She has changed my life. I broke out of my cocoon and appeared to be a butterfly with the heart and voice of a lioness.
      I’m looking forward to every “Voice Your Essence” session, I always pick up new things, and I always leave inspired, motivated, stronger and smarter. Working with Kara is a blessing, and I am really

      Carina Riethmüller aka CarRie - Professional Singer & Songwriter

    • “Kara helped me find the “authentic me,” and my true musical essence! …” I see Kara Johnstad not “just” as a vocal coach. She managed with me to really enter into my way of thinking and help me on my journey in the process of finding the authentic “me” and my true musical essence. She was able to build up the necessary trust, allowing the freedom to try out and discover and yet also being critical and analytical in a constructive way. I see a part of her vast abilities as a compositional and vocal artistic advisor, which she indeed demonstrated to me in the work we achieved together on my own compositions for piano and voice. Thank you, Kara!”.

      Annette Yashpon - Singer-Songwriter, Presenter, Producer