• On-Demand Workshop:
    Learn to Play Piano in 1 day – Level 1

  • Play piano as a path to higher creativity and deeper relaxation. 
    Sounds good? Then this revolutionary method is for you. Get ready for a HUGE mindset-shift.

    Question. Do you want to be able to play for hours WITHOUT having to practice for hours each and every song?

    Do you dream of playing piano but it always seems TOO DIFFICULT for the freedom you imagine? Have you spent years longing to do it, you even started with classes. but somehow it was too difficult and you dropped it. Now after taking the "Learn to Play Piano in One Day - Level 1" you are back in the game and full of curiosity. You feel the magical pull and are burning to play more! But how? Can you really start to accompany yourself and others knowing only the major and minor triads and the major and minor scales? Can you transpose down a few keys so that you are not stressed reaching the high notes while singing? What can you possibly do in an afternoon with only a few chords?

    This workshop was designed by Kara Johnstad for anybody interested in learning to play this instrument, and is especially suited for singer's who wish to play piano and accompany their voice. Highly recommended for upcoming songwriters. A 4 hour program. that guarantees success. At the end of the day you are playing your favorite songs!

    School Of Voice offers this workshop on-demand. This interactive workshop is presented by members of the School Of Voice Team or can be presented by Kara Johnstad upon request. Workshops can be presented to any type of audience but require a minimum of 3 participants.

    Price: € 199 per person

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    Paper + pen
    Headphones - optional
    Stand if you need
    Waterbottle / snack if you need

  • Continue with exposures involving practice and knowledge-deepening activities, which are the focus of the LEVEL II workshop.

    Now that you have a basic understanding of how to play piano, practice your new skills and deepen your understanding and knowledge through extended practice, so that your initial knowledge does not fade and be lost over time.
    In this workshop, we will create a sound foundation on which you build new awareness. New awareness is forged through repeated exposure to knowledge and practice.