• Mantras are energy which can be linked to fire.
    Fire can cook your lunch or burn down the forest.

    ~ unkown

  • Feature article by Kara Johnstad

     A mantra is a  mind projection. Origin is energy that begins to take shape in the form of thought. Mantra is a focused thought which is repeated. Mantras can be a syllable, a sound, a word or a phrase. Every feeling or thought we have has a vibrational frequency. When we tune into the power behind words we can begin to create new worlds. Mantras can be recited, sung, or repeated silently in the mind. By using them, we can regulate our mind. We can learn to focus the mind and calm our beating heart and find inner peace. We can also change our frequency and by doing so, have an affect on our world.

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  • Sound is a powerful healer.

    For thousands of years meditators, yogis and mystics have used chants and mantras for mental and spiritual transformation. Using various rhythms and tones, when channeled through another voice each mantra receives the blessing of a new soul signature sound. At the same time, often the mystics and yogis have chanted in deep meditation as a group. This creates the effect that each person has a signature sound, each room and group has their own sound and amazingly enough the sound from your neighbor enters you and becomes part of your memory bank, your journey.

  • There is probably not a faster way to world peace and self transformation
    than through sound healing, and singing mantras together. 

    We can heal through touch. We can heal through visualization. We can nourish our souls through beauty. We can heal through tasting nourishing food and good scents of roses and herbs, and yes, we can balance and heal through reconnecting with our inner voice and listening in to exactly which sound our body needs and our world needs to harmonize and move forward.

  • What would happen if we started singing wisdom together on the streets? 

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    In the traffic jams? In the shopping malls? We have all the tools we need. Although there is a great science behind mantras and a power behind words I do believe that we hold the keys to unlock our wisdom in our hands. When we begin the journey, we feel strange to sing in Sanskrit or Hindi, when our own language is another.

    Start with your sound, your imagery, your connection to divine source.
    Sound is a direct path. Here and Now. Hearing is part of your heart.

    When you made the sound ma-ma as a child, you knew exactly which mantra was being played out. Remember the word abracadabra? How you loved it the minute you heard it? You repeated it for days and took your two hands and began to wave them in the air. You fell in love with SOUND and RHYTHM and INTENTION when you heard abracadabra. 

    Although we are not sure of its exact origins we are sure of a few things. The word is ancient and originally was thought to be a powerful invocation with mystical powers, in Aramaic the phrase, acra kehdabra means, "I will create as I speak or more loosely it translates to "I create like the word."

    So acbracadabra: Create your personal mantra. The one mantra that will bring magic to your life.

  • You need three ingredients to your mantra. Meaning | Sound | Rhythm

    Words have power and we also give words our power. One of the most powerful VOICE YOUR ESSENCE™ practices is to create your personal mantra.

    Choose a group of reaffirming words to help center your mind and transform your life. Suggestions for creating a mantra:

    Find a quiet space to connect to your inner voice and think freely.
    Write down positive thoughts that your inner voice whispers from your core.
    Write also the negative imagery and pains of this world that touch you deeply and trouble you.
    Use those troubles as source to feed the transformational mantra and push you strongly in the direction you wish to live your life.

    Example : I am terrified of being sick and forgetful would nudge you in the direction of a mantra like: "I am health and wellness remembering all moments of my purpose in life." The positive and empowering words feed your spirit as water nourishes your body. Some modern day mantras may be:

    I' m a survivor.
    I create the life of my dreams
    I am smart and can solve problems and find solutions.

    Everybody has their own wording and rhythm and imagery and language unique to their frequency. I am a poet and songwriter and my mantras are always images. Here are some of mine:

    Strong as an oak I will get through this wind storm.
    Red bird am I, fearlessly I head for the open skies, trusting my wings.
    I find the missing key inside this mystery. Problems dissolve like sugar on my tongue. Sweet resolve, sweet resolve.
    Let my caterpillar go off wandering, I am a butterfly.

    So abracadabra, create your own personal mantra. One that will bring magic to your life. As we think, so we become.

    May you have the courage to persevere and stay true to your inner voice and strongest visions.

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