• Nadine Kühn

  • Singer, Songwriter, Sound Healer, Mama & Me Programs

    Nadine is a singer, songwriter,  performer, and coach. She uses the vibrational frequency of voice to assist her clients to live their full creative potential. Nadine loves Vegan cooking and is involved with many projects that give back to our planet. She currently lives in Berlin with her two cats surrounded by poetry and paintings. 

    Nadine holds a degree in Music Production of the SRH Hochschule der Populären Künste - Berlin, with the main focus on composition, instrument / vocals and sound engineering.

  • At School Of Voice, Nadine offers Voice Training to young and aspiring singers and Early Childhood Music programs, living her passion to introduce children to the world of singing and the fundamentals of music in a fun group-setting, so they develop a newfound confidence and increased self-awareness. She draws on a vast repertoire of playful singing exercises combined with basic yoga techniques and child-oriented meditations. Your kids will celebrate diversity and the arts.

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  • I could not ask for a better teacher. Nadine was the first person who I was able to sing in front of. Before, the only person who ever knew I wanted to sing and heard me was my sister. Nadine doesn’t just teach me how to control and expand my voice, but also how to overcome my doubts, not to be afraid of expressing my thoughts, and believe in myself as an artist. Since I have started the classes with her, I got to write my own songs and perform in public. Every lesson is like a journey and I’m extremely grateful to be sharing it with Nadine.


  • I'm learning to get out of my comfort zone and listen to my gut. Suddenly I feel my songs more. When there is a problem with songwriting, Nadine gives me strong impulses. I am very grateful for her inspirations, which are very good for my songs and also for me. I take valuable learnings from every lesson. I look forward to more lessons full of motivation, inspiration, and appreciation. Thank you, Nadine!