• Godfrey Assem

  • Piano | Keyboard
    030 80482205 | info@schoolofvoice.berlin

    Originally from Ghana, Godfrey is living in Berlin and London since the 80's. Godfrey is a seasoned pianist, keyboarder and a stage performance pro and master of so many classics with many performances and many hours under the lights, delighting the spoiled patrons of the city with his fusion of African music, reggae and pop music.

  • "Whether in the late 70’s in Ghana, West Africa or in the 80’s in Berlin I have always been involved as a keyboarder in diverse bands, playing African music, reggae or pop music. Some of these groups I organised myself and to the repertoire of well-known modern songs I added arrangements of my own compositions." Godfrey was reminiscing slightly about the beginnings of the various groups he was playing with and talking generally about life as a musician in the 70's to 90's, and how he became a piano teacher:

    "Later on in life I turned my attention to blues and jazz and discovered a new technique of learning to play piano by ear – and not by notation! – termed “the rhythmic pattern method”. I was so inspired by the effectiveness of this method that the desire to impart this knowledge to others slowly grew within me! Anyone willing to approach the piano this way will be surprised at how quickly they can enter the world of popular music, blues and jazz. The only knowledge required: numbers from 1 to 7, letters from A to G."

    Godfrey also holds a degree in corporate finance :-))